About us

We’ve been in the creative industry for over 140 dog years, that’s 21 for us two-legged creatures, and our success boils down to pride, passion and excellent customer service.

Add to this the fact we genuinely give a damn about what you have to say, who you’re trying to reach and the specific pressures you are under in your role and you’ll soon wonder why we hadn’t worked together sooner.

Like the rug that seems to tie the room together, our experience in successful branding application results in having consistency and scalability for your marketing materials. Websites, printed materials, strategic communications, digital strategy, media channel planning, reports, exhibition installations and even event planning are some of the sandpits we play in. We bring this experience and eye for detail to every brief.

What can we offer you? In a nutshell we Discover. Think. Create.

we discover first

We like that old saying: measure twice, cut once. Before we crack out the crayons we progress through an interrogative process that ensures valuable time spent at the front-end, capitalises on your unique point-of-difference to help you resonate with your audience. It’s vital we land on an agreed approach with clearly defined goals and a firm scope. In the long-run it means less potential for unwelcome surprises. Often it means we discover a new path or perspective that brings forth an effective, lateral solution.

experience & expertise

Because the team at Egg are all around about 1000 years old, we have a true depth of education and frontline experience across sectors ranging from mining, resources, government and retail, through to agriculture, viticulture and malted barley products (oh sweet beer...sigh) to name a few. With this background applied to a considered and methodolgical approach to finding the answer, you receive great work that’s inspired and considered. We are proud of what we create for our clients and the ways in which we can benefit their businesses.

we get to know your business

We obviously can't actually walk in your shoes to get to know your business but we’ll go for a jog alongside if that’s alright. Our cat-like curiosity and rich experience means we’ll work to ensure what you require meets your needs today and is ‘fit-for-purpose’. If we think what you want isn’t what you need, expect a debate! Our intentions are to support you to deliver effective and engaging messages to your stakeholders. It’s good communication-based design.