brand well: grow well

A company’s brand reflects its values and aspirations. It should feel confident mixing it with competitors and create loyalty with clients and employees.

 What can start as a ‘bolt from the blue’ of a fantastic idea for a logo must be put under the spotlight for interrogation to ensure it’s telling the truth about your business.

Sound exhausting? Well, depends on how you approach it. You might be at the stage where your company has experienced substantial growth, diversified, grown nationally or everyone has just got sick of the old look. Here’s where it can be exciting to explore your brand before you commit a budget and some simple homework and feedback will make things easier.

Firstly, get buy-in from across the business. Create a Branding Committee of stakeholders who share your passion and can be advocates for change. This team does much of the heavy lifting, so it’s good to find motivated people who have a stake in seeing the changes made to the brand as it could mean easier recruiting or winning more work.  (Hmmm, Human Resources, Training or Business Development perhaps?)

Now, mix some quantitative and qualitative work with both employees and clients, competitor analysis and you’re getting a baseline from which you can build a solid case for change (An electronic survey or scripted phone interview for example).

This helps you build a compelling case for the new direction and preferred choice. It means you can more successfully pitch knowing you have some hard data in your back pocket.

Now, that’s when you can go the drawing board, or to us! Good design not only resonates the values and uniqueness of your company but it has to work across a myriad of media. Web, print, bus-backs, business cards, uniforms and suchlike are some examples where consideration must be given to ensure your brand flourishes.

In summary it boils down to a few simple steps:

  1. Identify the driving need: Why do we need this?
  2. Consult and communicate: keep people in the loop
  3. Conduct brand evaluation: do we walk the talk?
  4. Look around: What’s working out there?
  5. Design

Egg Design Group has been helping Australian and international businesses and companies for over 19 years to work through such a process and create engaging websites, publications, packaging and displays that take a brand and tie it all together. When all the parts of a brand work together in a cohesive manner the energy and momentum it can create in a business is extraordinary.

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