Setting the tone: writing to reflect your company’s personality.

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Have you ever read materials from a company that seems to be at odds with its brand? An exaggerated example would be a respected financial institution ‘rappin’ with the homies’ and leaving the reader a little confused to say the least.

Which is why it’s always worth spending planning time to ask yourself who will be reading it and how will it reflect the business?


Tool Tips: Shoot to thrill!: Cara Smith, photographer, designer, zombie slayer

image 2Everyone has a camera phone that’s great for ‘selfies’ and happy snaps of lunch, the dog or your kids before loading them up on social media. However, when it comes to your company image one of the biggest assets to both web and print design is nice, big, clean professional images.


Dine for Life

dfl1We have been associated with the Dine for Life Foundation for the past two years and supported their events with design services to help promote their annual fundraising dinner.

This year our studio volunteered its time to produce a range of materials for the event. We also revised their brand and created a style guide.


Win Christian Fletcher’s: Light: 20 years of photography.

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