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Create association, engender loyalty and start a conversation between you and the client. We develop brands that drives this internally and externally and will reflect the growth and aspirations of your business.

So what makes you so special? This might sound like a personal question but it’s important to know what your brand essence is before you invest in a concerted campaign to stake your place in the market. A good brand can create association, start a conversation and engender brand loyalty. 

If you have spent time around the board or kitchen table developing your business vision and values, you would have knowingly or unknowingly developed your brand values that in turn, distills to your brand essence - who your company is. 

Is your business caring, proud, energetic? These are important to know so you can land on a brand identity that is a true representation of your business’s personality. For existing brands, we help take them further whilst respecting and considering legacy items (Hey, we know you don’t want to be the one remembered for changing the logo that the CEO’s daughter drew back in ’84). 

Once your logo is decided it needs to be applied consistently no matter where it appears. To help protect it’s appearance and avoid any potential for design aberrations and interpretations, a clear style guide is essential. At Egg we make them simple but concise and accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

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Recce Limited (ASX: RCE) a pre-clinical-stage pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of a new class of antibiotics for human use. Developing a diverse portfolio of synthetic antibiotics designed to address the real and growing threat to human health from antibiotic resistant bacteria.


We are the one-percenters in design: offering you a refreshing, collaborative approach.