There are few things more satisfying than seeing your first guests arrive and their jaws drop at the sight of the exciting, creative event awaiting their participation. Done well there can be few better ways of truly expressing the personality of your brand and the essence of your organisation.

Corporate event planning is a challenging area where experience counts and leadership comes to the fore. Events through Egg are managed by Nicky Bailey. She assists clients to manage all aspects of their events in order to produce a successful outcome.

Nicky’s broad experience includes event management, sponsorship, promotions, marketing and sales in both Perth and the UK. Her attention to detail and ability to coordinate all complex facets of an event means that clients can entrust the management to Nicky, leaving them to concentrate on other priorities. With Nicky managing the organisation of your event with the full support of the Egg Design Group mothership, your brand can come to life in the eyes of your stakeholders.