social media management

Having the right social media strategy, management plan and policy guidelines is becoming as essential as having a sound business plan.

At Egg we can help you develop an appropriate social media strategy that suits your marketing objectives. Then rather than it becoming a millstone around your neck we then assist you to simply and easily run your social media campaigns.

The first step in developing a social media strategy is to decide upon why you need one? Is it to drive sales, attract new employees or change opinions etc?
Once this has been established a strategy and calendar for implementation is developed.

Egg Design can assist your team with content generation strategies that reflect your brand and goals and we can also help develop policy guidelines for social media and crisis management procedures.


The takeaway

  • Advice on online products and services ‘proven performers’ and emerging challengers
  • Create effective content strategies that enhance your brand
  • Map your online audience
  • Develop, schedule and manage social media campaigns that you can measure
  • Synchronise your social media avenues
  • Develop and write social media policies and customised crisis action plans
  • Targeted online advertising

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