why we build better websites

Your website is a substantial investment in your brand and your business. We have noticed that while a site can look good on the surface, many websites we review are built using lazy or short-term solutions. In addition, we have also noticed that a lot of web sites have a similarity about them in both appearance and functionality that suggests they are all built on the same common installation.

The quick and easy way to build a website is to use a template that you buy off the web. The problem with templates is that they are developed with lots of lots of functionality built into them in or order to cover lots of potential uses. You might not need all of this but it’s there anyway even if it’s not activated. This may slow your website down.

Even a custom developed website can be built using lazy or sometimes irresponsible practices. For example, we build a lot of websites using well supported, open source content management systems (CMS). It’s possible to build a lot of required functionality within the core of a CMS. This is the approach we prefer. The shortcut is to search the web for an extension created by a third party developer. This solution means that parts of the website integrity are dependent upon additional third parties and it can complicate the process of updating the site.

How easy is it to update?

Like all software, websites need updating whenever an updated version is released. As well as fixing glitches these version updates also cover security updates. The older your website, then greater the risk of it being hacked or certain functions stop working, if it hasn’t been updated. The more external extensions used in your website then the longer it takes to update as each one needs to be checked. It may even cost more to update your website at this stage as you may have to re-subscribe to a number of extensions. At Egg we believe that it should take no longer than 30 minutes to update your website when required. This includes doing a back up and running a security audit. To achieve this we make sure our websites are as streamlined ‘under the bonnet’ as possible.

The tip of the iceberg

There are many, many more little things we do when building a website that make our sites better. These include keeping the code clean and commented, never hacking core files, just to take a short cut, and setting up the content management so it is clear and easy for our clients to use. We do much more besides but here it starts to get technical. If you’d like to know more specifics we’d be happy to discuss with you in more detail.

Designed to flow on smart phones

These days over 33% of our internet browsing is done on a smart phone or tablet device. For your website to work on these mediums it needs to be built using responsive style sheets (RSS). We see a lot of websites where very little thought has been given to how it looks on a phone. In this format the information and images need to flow logically and your audience needs to be able to get in contact with you in one click. At Egg, how your website views on a phone, on a tablet or on a desktop computer are all of equal importance.

Start with your brand

It’s true, we believe that we honestly build better websites, and from our observations they typically cost less than our competitors. Building websites however isn’t where we begin. We are first and foremost graphic designers. This means that the first thing we do is design your website so that it is a reflection of your brand and it is designed to meet your specific needs.  Only when every detail has been designed and planned do we start to develop your website.

There are great brand designers and great web developers – we strive to be both.

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