Our Work

Through our approach of ‘thinking’ upfront we save you time, money and hair-pulling.  It’s a dirty secret but we sometimes experience Schadenfreude (pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others) when we hear of people’s exasperation when they work with designers who hand back exactly what was asked of them. You may think ‘well, that’s about right isn’t it?’ Well, how about you work with us? We listen to you, interpret the brief and then we ‘think’. What we design has to meet your need but also has to hit the mark and penetrate your market: get read, elicit a response or call to action.

Egg Design Group offers an experienced team, well versed in creating dynamic and fresh ideas that work across many media types and stand you out from the crowd.

business branding

Create association, engender loyalty and start a conversation between you and the client. We develop brands that drives this internally and externally and will reflect the growth and aspirations of your business.


why we build better websites

Your website is a substantial investment in your brand and your business. We have noticed that while a site can look good on the surface, many websites we review are built using lazy or short-term solutions. In addition, we have also noticed that a lot of web sites have a similarity about them in both appearance and functionality that suggests they are all built on the same common installation.



Brochures, reports, tender design and advertising are our stock-in-trade and we have skilled writers in-house. We can balance your budget, offer luxurious finishes and design to ensure it lasts the distance.


packaging & display

When we work with you on your brand we focus on the smallest detail to ensure it works from bottle-top to billboard, from presentation folder to shop-fitting. Once completed, stand back and get a kick out of how everything integrates seamlessly.


strategic consultancy

We like to think about you (not in a creepy way). When we understand your drivers, we have greater understanding and capacity to add value. Digital strategy, media and channel planning, marketing plans, through to community engagement and facilitated workshops.



There are few things more satisfying than seeing your first guests arrive and their jaws drop at the sight of the exciting, creative event awaiting their participation. Done well there can be few better ways of truly expressing the personality of your brand and the essence of your organisation.


We are the one-percenters in design: offering you a refreshing, collaborative approach.