estim construction

Estim Construction is based in Dar es Salaam, on the east coast of Africa. They have been growing over the last 25 years to become the largest civil construction company in the region.

This privately owned business offers a range of services for both the private and government sectors, employs close to 1,000 people and has a strong and trusted reputation for delivering quality building and road projects.

As more and more international companies enter the region Estim saw the requirement to build a successful brand and profile that reflected the businesse's core attributes of strength, capacity and trust.

Egg Design undertook the project, applying its 'Brand-lite' approach, travelling to Africa to engage with employees, long-term clients and the management team.

In addition to exploring and developing a robust picture of the business through various interview and surveys, Egg travelled to workshops, work sites and completed projects to better understand the scale of the business and how to apply the brand effectively.

Summary of work:

  • Quantitative and qualitative interrogation of the business to establish Brand Essence
  • Logo development
  • Website
  • Corporate stationery and display materials
  • Development of subsidiary company brands:
    • Enuki
    • Evoke
    • Elven Agri


  • Competitively priced brand and culture analysis
  • Strong design to differentiate from competitors that aligns to Brand Essence
  • Complete studio capability to deliver all required on and off-line elements 




brand application


subsidiary company brands


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